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Our range of packages for private clients and commercial investors have been designed to meet specific investment demands for the right bullion exposure, investment liquidity growth and protection of capital from major tail risks such as rising inflation, stock market losses or economic collapse.

A number of the benefits of buying our range of packages includes:

  • exemption from CGT (capital gains tax); it is exempt on all British legal currency which includes all the coins in any of our packages.
  • exemption from VAT (value added tax) - applicable only to Gold coins in the packages.
  • easy access to market bars for protection of large investments.
  • protection of investment capital from rising inflation in the form of bullion coins and bars.
  • unlimited tax-free profit on investments of any size and value on all of the British legal currency bullion coins in this package.
  • option to customise the product offering.
  • free 1 year membership to the exclusive Omega Wealth Network - strictly for High Net and Ultra High Net worth members.
  • free 1 year exclusive access to strategic precious metals market intelligence.
  • free 6 months of exclusive 1-2-1 Precious Metals Risk Management consulting.

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