About Us

Essential Bullion buys and sells online a variety of bullion products to investors, businesses and institutional clients around the world. We strategically source the finest precious metals from the best mints and refineries across the world. Our vision is to help as many institutions, businesses and families protect their wealth as much as possible and the wealth they physically hold in the UK & worldwide. 

We are privately funded and based in the world famous Hatton Garden in London, United Kingdom. We are passionate about seeing all people prosper through our service.



We are committed to helping investors avoid financial and economic loss during times of pending rising interest rates, rising inflation, economic uncertainty, devaluation of currencies and negative supply chain disruptions. Ensuring our clients physically hold precious metals is important to us and our product range includes the opportunity to buy security safes which can be distributed UK & worldwide.

We offer 24/7 high security storage of high value investments in a private vault.


Our product range currently includes:

  • Cast and minted bars in a variety of weights

  • Personalised cast and minted bars in a variety of weights
  • Smaller bars supplied in tamper-proof packaging 

  • A variety of bullion coins from around the world

  • A variety of bullion accessories