Precious Metals Tester - finds fake Gold/Silver

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Product Overview

How can you ensure that the precious metals you hold is real...? Would you like a tester that is light, portable and easy to store...? 

Get our Neodymium Rare Earth Bullion Magnet which is suitable for quickly testing Gold or Silver metals: 9ct, 18ct or 24ct.

You can test the authenticity of bars, coins and antiques.


Product details: 

  • Gold, Silver, Platinum and Rhodium testing magnet
  • Strength of pull power is 2kg approx
  • Shape: cuboid
  • Material: NdFeB Magnetic
  • Grade: N35


This rare magnet helps increase the odds that your precious metal coins or bars is indeed authentic. If the metal is fake the magnet will be attracted to the coin or bar. If the metal is authentic it will not be attracted to the coin or bar.

This is an essential buy for every Precious Metals investor investing in physical Precious Metals.

Order today.   

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review